Weston, Florida

Weston Weston is a city in Broward County, Florida of approximately 65,000 inhabitants. First established in 1996, the city is known for its suburban tranquility and family-oriented atmosphere. Weston was recently ranked one of the “biggest earning” cities with the largest job growth in Florida.

Our personal injury attorneys protect the rights of victims injured by negligence. We skillfully handle all types of cases involving everything from traffic accidents and medical malpractice to premises and product liability. Our seasoned lawyers have recovered multi-million dollar awards for injury victims in Weston and Broward County.

Accidents and fatalities are sad but common facts of life throughout South Florida. If the injury is caused by another party’s negligence, the victim has a legal remedy. Personal injury law is based on negligence, holding at-fault parties liable for injury to others. Motorists have a simple duty to drive safely. Drivers breach that duty by negligently causing accidents that injure others. Florida law allows injured victims to recover compensation from negligent drivers.

Under a similar theory, if a defective product injures a consumer, the manufacturer may be liable in damages. Product liability is based on flaws in the design, sale, or marketing of a product. Fabrics, for instance, may have some flaw that makes the material flammable or dangerous. A defective car part can cause the vehicle to skid or combust in a collision. Millions of drugs, vehicles, and toys are pulled off the market because some product defect injures the consumer. If you were injured by a flawed product, contact our product liability attorneys for help.

Property owners who fail to repair a dangerous condition on their land breach their duty to invitees and other visitors to the property. Uneven steps, loose nails, and slick floors are potential sources of injury. Landlords may have to illuminate the premises at night; bars have a duty to provide adequate security for patrons. Otherwise, the injured party may sue the negligent owner.

Doctors and nurses are liable if they breach their duty to patients. Mistakes during surgery, treatment, or an operation can have long-term effects on the patient. Birth injuries, improper diagnoses, and incorrect interpretation of test results are all examples of negligence. When this reckless conduct injures patients, medical providers become liable to the patient in damages. Our medical malpractice lawyers help injured patients recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and future costs.

Accident victims may receive an award covering any economic or emotional loss caused by negligence. The at-fault party must compensate the victim. Negligent drivers, doctors, property owners, and manufacturers are all required to bear their share of the burden when compensating an injured party. We will put forth a strong case to maximize your recovery at trial or through settlement. To consult one of our experienced lawyers, contact our Fort Lauderdale office by calling our toll-free number: (800) 747-FREE. We are conveniently located at 12 Southeast 7th Street, Suite 604. To reach our office from Weston, travel east on Interstate 595 toward Fort Lauderdale and exit Davie Boulevard; turn left. Make a right on South Andrews Avenue and another right onto Southeast 7th Street. In less than a mile, the office will be on your right.