Few injuries are as devastating as paralysis because those injured must cope with an entirely new life. Paralyzed individuals usually cannot work in the same capacity as they did before their injury, and they are often faced with overwhelming and ongoing medical expenses.

The National Institutes of Health describes paralysis as the loss of muscle function that occurs when a person's brain cannot properly transmit messages to one or more parts of the body. Paralysis can be complete or partial. It can occur on just one side of the body or on both sides of the body. Paraplegia is a paralysis of the lower half of the body, including both legs. Quadriplegia is a paralysis of the entire body, from the neck down.

Stroke and spinal cord injury are the two most common causes of paralysis. Spinal cord injuries are usually caused by impacts that fracture or dislocate the vertebrae. While most spinal cord injuries do not result in paralysis, when a blow to the spine causes enough vertebrae damage, certain nerves may lose their capacity to carry messages from the brain around the body. In a severe spinal cord injury, the cord cannot relay messages below the level of the injury, and the injured person will be paralyzed below that level.

Spinal cord injuries that are so serious as to lead to paralysis can be a result of motorcycle accidents, big rig accidents, swimming pool accidents, workplace injuries, and automobile accidents.

Those who become paralyzed may be entitled to early disability income, worker's compensation income, or income derived from a negligence cause of action. The South Florida paralysis injury attorneys at Anidjar & Levine can help a paralyzed person determine if any supplemental income is available to him or her. A diligent, experienced, and compassionate attorney can be of tremendous assistance after a life changing injury like paralysis.

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