Hollywood, Florida


Hollywood is a city in southern Florida of approximately 140,000 inhabitants. Founded in 1925, the city continued to expand until it became one of the most populous cities in Broward County. Today, Hollywood boasts an eclectic mix of food and music thanks to its ethnically diverse inhabitants. Residents and tourist stroll along Hollywood’s paved boardwalks and watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hollywood personal injury lawyers at Anidjar & Levine are renowned for their skill in personal injury law. We have successfully handled all types of accident cases involving claims of negligence, malpractice, premises liability, and product liability. Our firm is dedicated to recovering compensation for victims injured by the negligence of others.

Personal injury law provides a legal recourse for victims injured by negligence. Negligence refers to the breach a duty of care owed to others, proximately causing an injury. When this occurs, the at-fault party is liable for any damages that result. Car accidents, for example, are often caused by negligent drivers. Some motorists get distracted or speed through intersections, placing others in peril. When negligent drivers “breach” their duty of care, they are liable for injuries caused by the accident. Car accidents are a common fact of life in Hollywood and the rest of Broward County. That is why Florida law requires drivers to carry auto insurance. But if the accident involves extensive damage or injury, insurance may not be enough.

Sometimes, the accident is caused by a defective car part or some flaw in the vehicle. Leading car manufacturers issue factory recalls every year because defective parts injure the driver. When a flaw in the product results in harm to the user, the injured party can bring a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Because manufacturers have a duty to correct defects and warn consumers of potential dangers, they are strictly liable for resulting harm. This means the injured party can recover medical expenses, lost income, punitive damages, and other costs without proving negligence.

Property and business owners owe a duty of care to invitees and others who enter the premises. This duty involves protecting guests from unreasonable harm. This may include inspecting the property to prevent slip-and-fall accidents or injury by pets. Under Florida’s premises liability law, owners must warn invitees and other guests of vicious dogs because they constitute a dangerous condition on property. Guard dogs can get loose, biting or mauling invitees. When this happens, the person in control of the property breaches a duty of care to the victim and is liable for any injuries caused by the dangerous condition.

Doctors are negligent when they breach their duty of care to patients. Obstetricians, for example, can crush the baby’s neck during delivery, causing permanent disability in the child. Improper administration of labor-inducing drugs can likewise harm the mother. Any number of mistakes during pregnancy and delivery can cause life-long injuries that require special education and continuing medical care. That is why evaluation of future costs is so important to proving a malpractice claim. Our skilled Hollywood birth injury attorneys can review your medical records to determine if any malpractice occurred during delivery. We have extensive experience proving future costs resulting from malpractice to Florida juries.

At Anidjar & Levine, our Hollywood personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover against all liable parties, whether they are negligent drivers, manufacturers, property owners, or medical providers. We are tireless advocates for all types of accident victims and are committed to providing superior representation to injured parties across Florida. For a free consultation, contact our Fort Lauderdale office at (800) 7474-FREE.

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